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MUSC 215

Library resources useful in completing assignments for MUSC 215--World Popular Musics and Identity.

Tips for Stuck Searchers

Sometimes even if you follow the advice in this guide you just can't find anything useful. Here are some tips to use if you keep running into dead ends:

  1. Try a search tool that searches massive collections of text, for example, JSTOR, Google Scholar, or Dissertations and Theses: Full Text.
  2. Check out the database LexisNexis Academic to search a HUGE collection of newspapers all at once.
  3. If you already have one good book or article, check the bibliography or the footnotes for additional citations. It's not plagiarism to use the same sources as another writer!
  4. The database RIPM has a large collection of digitized music magazines and journals from the 19th century. This database is great for finding out about the historical context of a performance.
  5. There are several full-text historical and current newspaper databases listed under the category "news" under the Databases tab on the Libraries' home page.
  6. Contact one of the performing arts librarians and ask for advice. We have loads of tricks up our sleeves. 
    • Drew Barker (, Performing Arts Librarian
    • Steve Henry (, Music Librarian