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MUSC 215

Library resources useful in completing assignments for MUSC 215--World Popular Musics and Identity.

What it is

WorldCat UMD is the primary catalog for the University of Maryland's Libraries. It searches all the books, CDs, and DVDs we own (and a lot of other things as well). In addition, WorldCat UMD searches some of our subscription article databases automatically, so you will find articles here as well. Depending on your topic and how deep you want to go, you might find everything you need right here.

WorldCat UMD is what you search if you use the search box on the Libraries Home Page. The search box looks like this:

Searching WorldCat UMD

You can search WorldCat UMD just like you would Google. Just throw some words in there. Try combining your chosen artist or genre with one of these terms: "social aspects," "political aspects," or "identity." For example (change "YourArtist" to Lady Gaga, or Reggae, or whatever you've chosen to write about):

YourArtist social aspects
YourArtist identity

If you want to be fancy, you can combine all the related keywords at once, like this: ("social aspects" OR "political aspects" OR identity). A decent first search would look like this:

YourArtist ("social aspects" OR "political aspects" OR identity)

Follow this link for an example of a real live search using the pattern and the genre "Calypso."


Working with Search Results

Your search will likely yield many results. One easy way to work with the results is to use the facets in the left-hand column to narrow by format. For example, if you want to find some books, just click the Books facet.

Format Facets

If you see a book you like, click Availability to see the call number and whether or not it's already checked out:

Clicking on Availability

To find the text of a journal article, it's best to first click the title:

Clicking on an article title

And then click the Find-it button:

Clicking the find-it button

Once you click on Find-It, a screen will appear letting you know whether the article is available online through the library, or if it's in paper in the library or whether we don't have it at all (and you can then request it from another library but it will take a couple weeks):

The Find-it screen