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MUSC 215 World Popular Musics and Identity

Library resources for this class.


Worldcat UMD is the primary catalog for UMD Libraries and searches the entire collection, but not individual databases. It is the default search option on the Libraries' homepage. Depending on your topic and how deep you want to go, you might find everything you need.


You can search Worldcat UMD just like you would Google. Just throw some words in there. Try combining your chosen artist or choreographer with a work, such as: 

  • "debussy jeux"
  • "petipa swan lake"

For simple searches for a composer or choreographer, you may want to add "su:" to your search, which will find only books and articles about the person, rather than items by them. For example:

  • "su: balanchine"
  • "su: tchaikovsky"

Working with Search Results

If you need to narrow down the results of a Worldcat search, use the filters on the left-hand menu, like "Format:"

Narrowing down search results in Worldcat.

The "Availability" section of an item, such as this book, is especially important if you are in urgent need of it (it is checked out until February 16th, so I would need to request it from somewhere else):

A search result for Bernstein in Worldcat.

Worldcat will let you know when an article is available to view online by displaying the "View full text" button:

Getting to an article through Worldcat.