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JOUR472/772 - Methods in Computer-Assisted Reporting

Guide to Library resources to support students taking Journalism 472/772.

Search the News - Option One - Using the Single Search Box And Advanced Search Features

The first option to search for news, and one that will allow you the most control over your search, is to use the Search Box in the center of the LexisNexis Academic search screen.

You can enter a string of search terms in the search box either as individual terms, or using advanced search tools such as proximity or truncation:

Lexis Nexis Search Box Screenshot

Click on the Advanced Options tab to access advanced search options to:

  • Limit your search by date
  • Search for a specific source or limit to a specific type of material
  • Add index terms to narrow a large set of results
  • Search in segments  [Note: Detailed information on how to Build Your Own Search using segments is available from Lexis.]

Lexis Nexis Advanced Search Page Screenshot

Once you have made your selections from the advanced search menu and click Apply. Search terms will appear inside the main search box, while restrictions will be listed below the search window. Click Search to execute your search:

Lexis Nexis Advanced Search Execute Screenshot

Search The News - Option Two - Quick Search Widget

Another method to search for news on the main LexisNexis screen is the Search the News widget. This searches news articles from 1980-present using keywords.

Note that advanced search features (truncation, /n, date limits) are not available in the Search the News widget.

To access the Search the News widget, click on the drop-down arrow at the end of the box to expand the widget.

 Lexis Search The News Intro Screenshot

 Searches can be limited to a specific news source, as indicated below:

Lexis Search the News Widget Screenshot

To modify your search results, add one or more terms in the Search within Results box in the upper right corner of your results screen. Click Back to Original Results to remove the added term.

Lexis Search the News Search within results Screenshot


Search The News - Option Three - Hot Topics Links

Another way to retrieve news articles on topics currently in the news is through the Hot Topics Links box located directly below the Academic Search Single Search box on the front page of Lexis.


These are pre-canned searches created for hot topics that will dynamically execute when you select them. Topics will change as news items "trend".

Lexis Hot Topic Links Screenshot

To modify your search results, add one or more terms in the Search within Results box in the upper right corner of your results screen.

Click Back to Original Results to remove the added term:

Lexis Search Within Results & Back to Results Screenshot