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JOUR400 - Media Law

Guide to using LexisNexis and Westlaw for legal research. Designed to support students in JOUR400 - Media Law.

Shephard's Citations

When you Shepardize® a case [called KeyCite in WestlawNext], LexisNexis provides a report showing every opinion where that case has been referenced, all treatments of the case, and, most importantly, whether or not the case is "good law." If the case has been overruled, it is considered "bad law" and may no longer be cited as a legal precedent.

You have two ways to
Shepardize® a case in LexisNexis:

1) Enter the citation in the Shepard'® Citations screen, available from the Legal section of the Search By Content Type menu:


2) If you are already viewing a case,  you will notice a “flag” is also visible at the top left corner of cases to indicate different levels of treatment. Click directly on the flag to Shepardize® a case.

This code legend explains the flags used:

Online help is also available to assist you with interpreting your Shepardized® case.