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JOUR501 - Fundamentals of Writing and Editing

A guide to the UM Libraries and introduction to resources of use to students enrolled in Journalism 501.

Resources for Background Research

Try the following resources for background information from articles in scholarly, popular and trade publications:

News Sources (Current)

To locate articles appearing in print and other forms of news media, try the following:

Biographical Information Sources

Try the following resources for biographical background information:

State and Federal Government Information

The following resources can be used to locate information on state and Federal laws, regulations, issues and publications:

Alternatives to Google

Aside from using the Google Advanced Search option and associated facets (Google Scholar, Google Images, Google News, etc.) - here are some suggested search engines to try that may allow you to search other portions of the "invisible" or "deep" web:

Other Resources of Note

The following resources may also be useful for locating background information: