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World Music Research Guide

Why is this important?

Once you have found your sources, it's important to write them down somewhere with a brief explanation of  what the source covers. This is good for a couple reasons. First of all, it means you won't have to struggle with a bibliography when you're done with your paper. Secondly it means you'll remember what source to refer to when you are adding citations.

How do I do this?

Check out The Linking Guide when figuring out what url (the permalink) to put in the citation of your articles.

For general bibliographic and citation tips you can go to the library's page on Bibliographic Citation Managers and the library's Bibliographic Style Guide.

Scholarly papers in Music use Chicago Turabian so make sure you know the Chicago Turabian Guidelines! You can find them within the Bibliographic Style Guide or you can look at the Online Writing Lab's (OWL's) webpage on Chicago style.