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AASP 202: Black Culture in the United States

This online course tutorial will assist researchers in identifying resources on research topics related to African Americans.

Avoid Plagiarism

When using ideas and research done by other people, be sure to give credit where it is due.  Otherwise, you are stealing their ideas and claiming them as your own. You are committing plagiarism which is intellectual dishonesty. 

Please follow the Code of Academic Integrity which has been established by the University and administered by the Student Honor Council. If you want to verify the integrity of your research, consider clicking on Free Online Plagiarism Checker.

Avoid plagiarism and properly cite your research by using a style manual. 

Style Manuals By Subject Discipline

Style Manuals by Subject Discipline discusses many of the existing style guides that will show you how to properly quote and paraphrase resources in your paper, as well as how to correctly list materials in your bibliography.

Your course instructor(s) can assist you with choosing a style manual.

Managing Your Research--Citation Managers

EndNoteWeb is a web-based service for managing and citing references in papers and creating bibliographies. Access to EndNoteWeb is only available to University of Maryland faculty, staff, and students. First-time users will need to register for an account through the Web of Science database in Research Port. (This is free for University of Maryland faculty, staff, and students).