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WorldCat UMD

News, tutorials, and tips for using Worldcat UMD.

Why use Facets?

  • To quickly narrow down a broad search results by certain criteria.
  • To combine multiple criteria.

Refining your Search with Facets

The left column displays what are referred to as facets. In many ways these take the place of what were/are search limits in the Classic Catalog. The difference is they can be applied after rather than before a search, and your search results will change dynamically as you click and unclick facets. There are facets for typical search limits like format, date, language, and audience. There are also facets for things that are not available as limits in the Classic Catalog, like author, and topic. You can also set the facets at the time of the search by going to Advanced Search but the default way of searching WorldCat UMD is to just start a search and then apply your facets. 

Sorting Search Results

The default sort is Library and Relevance, meaning results held by our library are given first priority and are shown first. If you change the sort to any other option (Relevance, Author, Title, Date) you might see relevant items we do not own. See the tab Find your Resource to learn how to get them.

Limiting by Format