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LibX and You

How LibX toolbar can enhance your library experience

Known Bugs with Autolinking

The following text is directly quoted from regarding known bugs with numerical autolinking:

  • On, LibX puts a cue on pages where the Amazon ASIN item number resembles an ISBN.

  • The autolinking functionality autolinks some entries that aren't actually standard numbers. For instance, 2005-2006 is autolinked as an ISSN, because it resembles one (and '6' is a correct checksum for 2005-200).

  • The autolinking functionality doesn't work on all pages. There are two possible reasons for that.
    • The page is "complicated." This is true for GMail, for instance. The page consists of highly dynamic JavaScript. In this case, LibX is careful with what it rewrites in order to not break the application. We figure it's better to not link an ISBN than break the user's use of their email application.
    • The page takes active countermeasures against autolinking. Since the Google toolbar autolinks ISBNs to's page, several book vendors employed countermeasures on their sites to prevent such autolinking. LibX's autolinking respects those countermeasures. However, in some cases, we placed cues instead of autolinking. An example is, where we don't autolink, but have a cue instead.

Download UMD LibX

LibX 2.0 is available for Firefox and Chrome. The Internet Explorer LibX is only available up to version 1.5.3. These links will allow you to download UMD's customized version of LibX for your browser of choice.