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GVPT 473: Legislatures & Legislation (Uslaner)

Research guide for GVPT 473: Legislatures & Legislation

Federal Legislative Process




Legislative Process

Brief Summary:
After a bill has been approved by both the House and Senate in identical form, it is sent to the President. 
If the President approves of the legislation he/she signs it and it becomes law.

Federal laws are published in two formats - a chronological format (U.S. Statutes at Large) and a topical format (U.S. Code).

Once laws have been passed, regulatory agencies create the rules and regulations necessary to implement and enforce the law.

Proposed rules are published chronologically in the Federal Register before they take affect and are open for comment.

Once rules are adopted, they are compiled in a topical arrangement (issuing agency and subject) in the Code of Federal Regulations.