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Music Education

This guide is intended to provide a selective list of reference tools for research into music education. It should be used in conjunction with the UM Libraries Basic Music Reference Guide [].

Music Education Reference Works

New Music Education Books


Finding Books

You can use the library's primary catalog, WorldCat UMD, to find books and other types of materials. To search WorldCat UMD you can either:

Go to the UMD Libraries’ home page: and enter search terms in the WorldCat UMD box


Go to

Basic Searches

To do a basic search in the catalog, enter keywords, a title, subject, call number, or an author’s name into the search box. WorldCat will give you a Google-like experience.


Advanced Searches

• Click Advanced Search to conduct a more detailed search. Here you can search multiple fields such as title, author, and subject.


To view a quick tutorial about WorldCat, click here:

To view a more detailed guide about how to use WorldCat, click here:

Helpful Tips or Using Boolean Connectors and Truncation Symbols

Using Boolean Connectors

The UM catalog uses the Boolean connectors: "AND" "OR" "NOT"

AND narrows your search. It is used to connect unrelated terms or concepts. All words connected by AND will be present in the records retrieved.   

In the catalog, using AND is optional. It is automatically placed between words entered. 

Example:    commerce and internet 

                  commerce internet 

OR broadens your search.  It is used to connect synonyms and related ideas. At least one of the words connected by OR will be present in the records retrieved.  

Example:     internet or online 


NOT excludes words from being present in the records retrieved. 

Example:    internet not email 

(Parentheses) are used around words connected with OR, when AND and OR are present in the same search. 

Example:    commerce and (internet or online)

Truncation & Wildcard Symbol

Truncation and wildcard symbols expand a search to include variant spellings of terms.

A truncation symbol is attached to the stem of a word to produce variant endings.

Wild card symbols may be used within words to retrieve plural forms, establish word order, and determine proximity

Symbol Example Retrieves
Use ? or * at the left, right, or middle of a word. Never use more than once in a text string

furni? furni* cardio*y *pan

furniture, furnishings cardiology, cardiopulmonary, windowpane, counterpane
Use # to find words with alternate spellings arch#eology archeology, archaeology
Use ! to find single-letter spelling variations wom!n woman, women

Subject Searches in the Catalog

subject beginning with... or subject word/s search locates terms that appear in the subject headings of the catalog record. The following are subject headings that may be useful in the search for music education resources:

  • Music -- Instruction and study
  • Music -- Instruction and study -- Bibliography
  • Music -- Instruction and study -- Dictionaries
  • Music -- Instruction and study -- Research
  • Music -- Instruction and study -- Philosophy
  • Music -- Philosophy and aesthetics
  • Music -- Psychological aspects
  • School music -- Instruction and study
  • School music -- Instruction and study -- Directories
  • Music therapy -- Indexes