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The Linking Guide

Linking to Research Port and the Library Catalog

Linking to a Research Port Category or Subcategory

If you want to direct people to a certain category and subcategory within the library databases you can find the right link with the following steps.

1. Go to the Research Port

2. Under search by category click "See all Categories"

3. Find the names of the category and subcategory you are interested in using

Examples might include:

Category Subcategory
Germanic Studies Doesn't have any
Cell Biology Microbiology


4. Insert the category and subcategory names into the following url: Biology&sub_cat_name=Microbiology

or Studies&sub_cat_name=All%20databases

ATTENTION: Category and subcategory names are case sensitive! Also, please keep the spaces in the formula.

ATTENTION 2: If your category does not have any subcategories (like Germanic studies) write "All" as your subcategory


That's it! Now you have your URL to copy onto your webpage or guide. As always, off-campus users will be prompted to login before continuing on to the databases.