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ENSP 102: Introduction to Environmental Policy

course guide for ensp 102


There are a number of useful resources for finding current news articles on your topic.

Greenwire - Greenwire has comprehensive, daily coverage of environmental and energy politics and policy, includes summaries of important energy and environmental policy coverage from hundreds of print, broadcast and online sources, including editorials.

You can sign up for emails from Greenwire if you want to stay up to date with the most recent news on your topic. To do so, scroll down on the homepage. On the right hand side, you'll see a section titled "E&E Services" underneath which you will find the option "Receive Email Alerts"

NexisUni Examples

Nexis Uni is another option for searching for news articles.

The example below is looking for articles dealing with wind energy on public lands

Type words directly into the search box.
("wind power" or "wind energy") and "public land*"


Nexis Uni Example Search

BUT - using the - or / and connectors are usually too broad

Instead use the w/# to bring words closer together:
(wind power or wind energy) w/5  "public land*" means there can only be 5 words between the wind power or wind energy  concept and public land


Nexis Uni Proximity Search Example


Once in results change sort from Relevance to Newest to Oldest

Nexis Uni Example Results Screen


For Regional  or Local News:
Use Location filter - left of the screen


Nexis Uni Search Filter Example