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Maryland Authors

A guide to Special Collection resources focusing on authors associated with the state of Maryland.

Fiction Authors

The following is a list of works by Maryland fiction writers, arranged alphabetically by author, that are available in the Maryland Room.  Click on the titles to see the full bibliographic record from the University of Maryland online catalog.

Alvarez, Rafael (1958-)

 The Fountain of Highlandtown Baltimore, MD. 1997.

 Hometown Boy: the Hoodle Patrol and Other Curiosities of Baltimore Baltimore, MD. 1999.

Orlo and Leini: Stories Baltimore, MD. 2000. 

Storyteller Baltimore, MD. 2001. 

The Wire : Truth Be Told New York. 2004.


  Barth, John (1930-)

Chimera New York. 1972, 1st edition. 

Coming Soon!!!: a narrative Boston. 2001. 

The End of the Road Garden City, NY. 1958, 1st edition.

The Floating Opera Garden City, NY. 1956.

Giles Goat-boy; or The Revised New Syllabus Garden City, NY. 1966.

Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor Garden City, NY. 1991, 1st edition.

Lost in the Funhouse; fiction for print, tape, live voice Garden City, NY. 1968, 1st edition.

Sabbatical: A Romance New York. 1982.

The Sot-Weed Factor Garden City, NY. 1960, 1st edition.

The Tidewater Tales: a novel New York. 1987.


 Bell, Madison Smartt (1957-)

All Souls' Rising New York. 1996.

Anything Goes New York. 2002.

Charm City: A Walk Through Baltimore New York. 2007, 1st edition.

Devil's Dream New York. 2009, 1st edition.

Master of the Crossroads New York. 2000, 1st edition.

Stone That the Builder Refused New York. 2004, 1st edition.

 Ten Indians New York. 1996, 1st edition.

The Stone That the Builder Refused New York. 2004, 1st edition. 


 Cain, James M. (1892-1977)

The Baby in the Icebox and Other Short Fiction New York. 1981, 1st trade edition.

Double Indemnity New York. c. 1943.

Mildred Pierce New York. 1941, 1st edition.

The Postman Always Rings Twice New York. 1934, 1st edition.

Three of a Kind New York. 1944.

Trial by Jury New York. 1943.

Clancy, Tom (1947-)

 Clear and Present Danger New York. 1989. Eugene Istomin collection.

 The Hunt for Red October Annapolis, MD. 1984. Eugene Istomin collection.

Patriot Games New York. 1987.

Without Remorse New York. 1993.


Cockey, Tim (1955-)

Hearse Case Scenario New York. 2002, 1st edition.

Hearse of a Different Color New York. 2001, 1st edition.

The Hearse You Came In On New York. 2000, 1st edition. 

Fitzgerald, F. Scott (1896-1940)

All the Sad Young Men New York, 1926.

The Beautiful and Damned New York, 1950.

The Great Gatsby New York, 1961.

The Last Tycoon: An Unfinished Novel New York, 1951.

Tales of the Jazz Age New York, 1922.

Tender is the Night New York, 1934.

This Side of Paradise New York, 1960.


Gresham, William Lindsay (1909-1962-)

Limbo Tower New York. 1942.  

Nightmare Alley New York. 1948. Bound in decorated wrappers illustrating 20th Century Fox film starring Tyrone Power and Joan Blondell.



Hammett, Dashiell (1894-1961)

The Glass Key London, New York. 1931. UMCP copy 2 from the library of Walter B. Gibson, who created "The Shadow" under the pseudonym Maxwell Grant.

The Maltese Falcon San Fransisco. 1984. This edition is reproduced from the limited edition of 400 copies printed and published by the Arion Press, San Francisco, in 1983.

The Thin Man New York. 1934. Irvin Hurwitz Collection.

Lippman, Laura (1959-)

 Another Thing to Fall New York. 2008, 1st edition.

Baltimore Blues New York. 1997.

Butcher's Hill New York. 1998.

By a Spider's Thread New York. 2004.

Charm City New York. 1997.

Every Secret Thing New York. 2003, 1st edition.

In a Strange City New York. 2001, 1st edition.

In Big Trouble New York. 1999.

The Last Place New York. 2002, 1st edition.

Life Sentences New York. 2009, 1st edition.

No Good Deeds New York. 2006, 1st edition.

The Sugar House New York. 2000, 1st edition.

To the Power of Three New York. 2005, 1st edition.

What the Dead Know New York. 2007, 1st edition.


Michener, James Albert (1907-1997)

Chesapeake New York. 1978, 1st edition.

How George Washington Got His Gunpowder Privately printed in New York. 1980. Published in connection with Printing Week in New York 1980 commemorating the 247th birthday of Benjamin Franklin.

The Quality of Life Philadelphia. 1970.


Pelecanos, George P. (1957-)

The Big Blowdown New York. 1996, 1st edition.

 A Firing Offense New York. 1992, 1st edition.

 The Sweet Forever New York. 1998, 1st edition. 

 The Way Home New York. 2009, 1st edition.


  Roberts, Nora (1950-)


Inner Harbor New York. 1999.

Rising Tides New York. 1998.

Sea Swept New York. 1998.


Townsend, George Alfred (1841-1914)

The Entailed Hat, or Patty Cannon’s Times Vienna, MD. 2000. Edited and illustrated by Hal Roth.

How Wilkes Booth crossed the Potomac Port Tobacco, MD. 1979. Reprinted from Century magazine issue of April, 1884.

Tales of the Chesapeake Miami, FL. 1969. Reprint of the 1880 edition.



Tyler, Anne (1941-)

The Accidental Tourist New York. 1985.

Breathing Lessons New York. 1988.

The Clock Winder New York. 1972, 1st edition.

Digging to America New York. 2006, 1st edition.

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant New York. 1982, 1st edition.

Earthly Possessions New York. 1977, 1st edition.

If Morning Ever Comes New York. 1964.

Ladder of Years New York. 1995, 1st trade edition.

 Noah's Compass New York. 2009, 1st edition.

 A Patchwork Planet New York. 1998, 1st trade edition.

 Saint Maybe New York. 1991.

 Searching for Caleb New York. 1976, 1st edition.

A Slipping-down Life New York. 1970, 1st edition.


Uris, Leon (1924-)

Armageddon; a Novel of Berlin Garden City, NY. 1964, 1st edition. 

 Exodus Garden City, NY. 1958, 1st edition.

Mila 18 Garden City, NY. 1961, 1st edition. Samuel L. and Eileen Shneiderman Collection.



Voigt, Cynthia (1942-)

 Dicey's Song New York. 1982, 1st edition. Awarded Newberry Medal.

 Homecoming New York. 1981.

A Solitary Blue New York. 1983, 1st edition.