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Maryland Authors

A guide to Special Collection resources focusing on authors associated with the state of Maryland.

Maryland Poets

The following is a list of works by Maryland poets, arranged alphabetically by author, that are available in the Maryland Room.  Click on the titles to see the full bibliographic record from the University of Maryland library catalog.

For more information on poetry by Maryland authors, visit the Maryland Poet Laureates section of this guide.

Allen, Brasseya (1762-1831)

Pastorals, Elegies, Odes, Epistles, and Other Poems Abingdon, MD. 1806. 

Clifton, Lucille (1936-2010)

 Good News About the Earth New York. 1972, 1st edition.

Mercy Rochester, NY. 2004, 1st edition.

Voices Rochester, NY. 2008, 1st edition.

Collier, Michael (1953-)

Bardo Wisconsin. 2003. 70 copies printed from handset Bembo types by Allison Quam.

Dark Wild Realm Boston. 2006.

The Folded Heart Middletown, Conn. 1989, 1st edition


 Flint, Roland (1934-2001)

Easy Baton Rouge.  1999.

Pigeon Rocky Mount, NC. 1991.

Stubborn Urbana. 1990

Harper, Frances E. W (1825-1911)

Poems on Miscellaneous Subjects Philadelphia. 1857. Prefaced signed.

Jacobsen, Josephine (1908-2003)

The Animal Inside Athens, Ohio. 1966.

Let Each Man Remember Dallas, TX. 1940.

The Shade-Seller; New and Selected Poems Garden City, NY. 1974.

Kamenetz, Rodger (1950-)

The Missing Jew Baltimore. 1979. First printing, 1000 copies.

Nash, Ogden (1902-1971)

The Bad Parents’ Garden of Verse New York. 1936.

Bed Riddance; a Posy for the Indisposed Boston. 1970.

Family Reunion Boston. 1950, 1st edition.

I’m a Stranger Here Myself Boston. 1941.

You Can’t Get There From Here Boston. 1957, 1st edition.

Pastan, Linda (1932-)

Even as We Sleep Athens, Ohio. 1980, 1st edition.

The Imperfect Paradise New York. 1988, 1st edition.

Queen of a Rainy Country New York. 2006, 1st edition.

Poe, Edgar Allan (1809-1849)

The Bells Philadelphia. 1881.

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym Boston. 1973.

Tales Chicago. 1930. 1000 copies have been printed.

Tales of Mystery & Imagination New York. 1941. Limited edition of 1500 copies, signed by the illustrator. 

The Works of Edgar Allan Poe New York. 1884.  Barnes Family Book. 

Rich, Adrienne (1929-)

Diving Into the Wreck : Poems 1971-1972 New York. 1994, c. 1973.

Fox : Poems 1998-2000 New York; London. 2003. Lambda Literary Award, 2001

A Wild Patience has Taken Me this Far : Poems 1978-1981 London. 1990 (originally published 1981).

Shapiro, Karl (1913-2000)

Adam & Eve Lewisburg, PA. 1986. Etchings by Rosalyn Richards. Limited edition of 125 copies, signed by the author and the artist. The poem first appeared in the author’s Love and war, art and God. 

Love & War, Art & God Winston-Salem, NC. 1984, 1st edition. Signed by author.

Person, Place and Thing New York. 1942.

Siegel, Eli (1902-1978)

Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana New York. 1957. Eugene Istomin collection.

Spires, Elizabeth (1952-)

Swan's Island Pittsburgh. 1997, 1st Carnegie Mellon University Press edition.

The Wave-Maker New York. 2008, 1st edition.

Worldling New York. 1995, 1st edition.

Weaver, Afaa M. (1951-)

My Father’s Geography Pittsburgh. 1992.

Stations in a Dream Baltimore. 1993.

Talisman Chicago. 1998.

Whittemore, Reed (1919-)

Fifty Poems Fifty Minneapolis. 1970.

Poems, New and Selected Minneapolis. 1967.

The Self-made Man, and Other Poems New York. 1959. 

Ten from Ten & One More Takoma Park, MD. 2006.