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ENSP 330: Introduction to Environmental law

research guide for ENSP 330

You can register for an account within Nexis Uni and save searches and documents and be notified of new content 

Some highlights are below. Additional benefits are available by signing in, consult the full help screens:

Alerts: An alert is a search you save to run automatically at intervals you specify. You can create these types of alerts (the alert type that is created is the same as the type of search you ran):

  • Search
  • Topic
  • Shepard's®
  • Compare Search Results
  • Find Similar Documents
  • Pending Legislative
  • ... and others

To set up an alert, first run a search, then select the Alert icon (Alert) above your search results. Then provide the required information for saving and running the alert.


History and Saving Documents to Folders: The search terms, documents, and other activities from your research are automatically saved in your history for up to 90 days. You can access them by selecting the History drop-down list at the top of any page. Your last 5 searches are also available from the History pod on the Nexis Uni™ home page.

If you want to save your search terms or documents from your results for an unlimited time, you can save them to Folders.


Highlight text in a document: 

Highlighting and Folders are available to users who have self-registered for an account within Nexis Uni.

You can highlight text in a document stored in one of your folders and save the document to retrieve and review later.

  1. From a full document you are viewing, use your mouse to select the text you want to highlight (there is no limit to the amount of text you can select). A shortcut menu appears at the end of the selection, showing the options for the selected text.
  2. Navigate to Highlight and click the drop-down list next to the label. A list of highlight colors appears.
  3. Choose the color you want to use as the highlight.