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ENSP 330: Introduction to Environmental law

research guide for ENSP 330

Law Review Articles

Law review articles are the equivalent of scholarly, academic journals for the law.
The articles are generally very long and research-intensive and will provide many footnotes and references to other articles, cases, laws...
Notice information about the author - professor / researcher / student. Be sure to look at the database help screens / search tips

Since the databases for law reviews provide the fulltext, you might need to try different search strategies to retrieve more relevant articles and bring the words closer together.
Example limits:
Limit word/s to the title
Use proximity searching, see the HeinOnline and Nexis Uni tabs for details


Getting Documents:  You can download, print, email, send to Dropbox 
Look for the symbols at the top of the results page
Nexis Uni Print Mail...

Search strategies:
"public trust doctrine" and "climate change" 
"public trust doctrine" w/5 "climate change"  (there can only be 5 words between)
"public trust doctrine" /s "climate change" (limit words to the same sentence)
"public doctrine" /p "climate change" (limit words to the same paragraph)


Nexis Uni Law Reviews Results

Search strategies:
AND / OR need to be capitalized

Proximity Searches • Proximity searches allow you to find words which are with a specific distance from one another. To conduct a proximity search, use the tilde symbol, ~, at the end of a phrase. To search for “watershed” and “planning” within 10 words of each other in a document use the search: “watershed planning”~10

You can also limit to section types: articles / legislation / cases...

This search focusing on: Does the take prohibition of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act apply to projects (such as energy projects) that may inadvertently cause bird deaths?

Try different combinations of words and connectors

Use the Text field
"take prohibition bird"~10  AND
kill* OR  death*                   AND
energy OR wind OR oil 

"migratory bird treaty act"   AND
"take prohibition" ~5           AND
kill* OR death*                  AND
energy OR wind OR oil


Make sure the library settings include:

University of Maryland Libraries - Find @ UMD
Open WorldCat Library Search

Follow this path:
Library Links
Use the search box and type in University of Maryland Libraries
Be sure to use the one noted above: Find @ UMD

keyword search:
use phrases in quotes
Google automatically assumes AND logic between words/phrases
Google automatically truncates (*) terms not in quotations

"migratory bird treaty" "take prohibition" energy deaths


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