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Women's Studies Research Guide

guide to women's studies research

Your three topics:
Women on the Campaign Trail
Feminist Theologies
Feminism and Law


Women on the Campaign Trail
women and campaign* and (politic* or "public office")
Narrowing - could add:
1. media
2. race or ethnicity or minorit*
Additional databases:
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts 
(both are proquest databases - get into one - click on - change databases - add the other. Once searching - change search field from Anywhere to either abstract or anywhere but fulltext)


Feminist Theologies
feminis* and (muslim* or islam* or arab*)
Narrowing  - could add:
1. hijab or veil or headscarf or burqa
2. education
Additional databases:
ATLA Religion Database
ATLA Catholic Periodical and Literature Index
Index to Jewish Periodiclas
Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies 

Feminism and the Law
feminis* and law
Narrowing - could add:
1. "domestic violence"
2. rape*
Additional databases:
Nexis Uni
Index to Legal Periodicals & Books Full Text


Newspapers =
National Newspapers Core
Nexis Uni


Search for a person:
name in quotes
"angela merkel"
Once you locate relevant documents - you can also click on the name