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Finding Sound Recordings

The Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library owns sound recordings in a variety of formats--CD, LP, reel-to-reel tape, etc. We also subscribe to a number of streaming audio databases. This guide explains how to locate these recordings.

This Page Includes:

-What is the Database of Recorded American Music?

-Searching DRAM

-Browsing DRAM

    What is the Database of Recorded American Music? (DRAM)

    DRAM is a scholarly e-source providing educational communities with on-demand streaming access to CD-quality audio (192kbps Mp4), complete original liner notes, and essays from independent record labels and sound archives. Continuing in the tradition of DRAM's sister company New World Records, one of DRAM's primary focuses is the preservation and dissemination of important recordings that have been neglected by the commercial marketplace, including recordings that may otherwise become lost or forgotten. DRAM offers access to more than 4,000 CDs.

    Searching DRAM

    By default, the Quick Search box on the home page will search by album title. However, you can limit your results by composer, performer, or other facets on the results page.


    Browsing DRAM

    You can browse DRAM for a quick search of what's available from many 20th- and 21-century American composers. You can also browse by performer name, ensemble, instrument, or record label.

    Did you know?

    DRAM's sister company, New World Records, was originally funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.