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Theses and Dissertations at University of Maryland Libraries

A guide to finding theses and dissertations done at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Finding Bound Print Copies of Theses and Dissertations in UM Libraries


a. Do an author search if you know the author's name. In Advanced Search , use the search for words in author option or use the browse search author beginning with option.

b. Do a word search to find relevant items. In Advanced Search , enter pertinent words in word search in all fields or title.

c. Do a search by Department (for post-1991 works only), using department names as listed on the Authority List. Enter Department name in Advanced Search using the word search option all fields.

  1. Check the card catalog in the Maryland Room (entries maintained only up to 1991), under the author or department.
  2. Search the UM Libraries Catalog. Use the College Park Advanced Search feature. Limit format to Theses/Dissertations. Also enter "University of Maryland" in word search option thesis institution/place to limit search to University of Maryland theses and dissertations.

All masters theses receive the call number: LD3231.M70m [plus last name and initials of author] all dissertations receive the call number: LD3231.M70d [plus last name and initials of author]. Starting in the year 2000, the year the degree was granted has been added to the base call number. The Marylandia and Rare Books Department does not have copies of theses or dissertations available until they are cataloged and appear in the library catalog.

Interlibrary Loan

Researchers not associated with the University of Maryland may request dissertations and theses available in the University of Maryland Online Catalog on Interlibrary Loan from their own college or local library. See the Interlibrary Loan Policies and Procedures Web site for further information.