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How to Create a Voice-Over in Adobe Premiere

How to Create a Voice-over in Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 1:  Microphone input

MacOSX:Users:lqueen:Desktop:first screen.png

MacOSX:Users:lqueen:Desktop:Second screen.png

On the top menu screen click on “Premiere Pro,” select “Preferences,” then click on “Audio Hardware.” Before recording your voice-over you will need to make sure your audio input is turned on. For the purposes of this tutorial we will be using your computer’s built in microphone, however if you would like to set up an external microphone, there are ways to do that as well.  

After clicking on “Audio Hardware” you will be brought to the preferences panel with the Audio Hardware tab open. Select the drop-down menu labeled “Adobe Desktop Audio.”

MacOSX:Users:lqueen:Desktop:Fourth screen.png

In the drop-down menu select “Built-In Microphone/Built-In Output.” This option enables Premiere to use your computer’s built-in microphone and speakers. Then, at the bottom of your menu, click “OK.”

 When recording your voice over you will want to have headphones plugged into your computer to avoid feedback during your recording.  


MacOSX:Users:lqueen:Desktop:Sixth screen.png

Step 2: Now to record your voice-over

Now that your microphone settings are set, it is time to actually set up your recording. Find the menu tab “Window,” then select “Audio Track Mixer”. This will bring a new tab forward on your project pane.

MacOSX:Users:lqueen:Desktop:seventh screen.png

Select which audio track you would have the voice-over recorded onto. In that  track, select “R” to turn on the record mode, then click the red button at the bottom of the pane.

Now you are ready to record. Hit the play button and you are recording. Click the play again to stop the recording.

MacOSX:Users:lqueen:Desktop:eith screen.png