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Course on Brazilian Culture


Welcome to the library resource guide for PORT 228C: Cannibals, Savages and Carnivalization: The Making of Brazilian Culture. Here you will find some general research tips, along with helpful pointers for finding library materials, be it books, articles, or videos. Be sure to check out the subject terms under "Tips for Finding Books" - they will link you to relevant materials using terminology you may not have come up with on your own. The "Tips for Finding Films/Videos" tab will walk you through the steps for finding the riches in our Media Collections. We've identified a few course-specific resources, which are divided by the themes in your syllabus. The UMD Libraries also own your required books, so swing by to check them out. Don't hesitate to contact Kelsey if you need any help this semester!

Map of Brazil in the Miller Atlas of 1519

Map of Brazil