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JWST491/WMST491 (Grossman): Judaism and the construction of Gender

This is a guide to sources for JWST491 (Grossman): Judaism and the construction of gender.


This is a guide to important print and electronic reference sources for JWST491/WMST491 (Grossman): Judaism and the construction of gender.  The emphasis is on material available in the University of Maryland Libraries' collections, but some Internet sources are also included.

Campus Departments

The Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies is a center for research and study of Judaism in all its complexity. Our multi-disciplinary center boasts a faculty with expertise from across the humanities, excellent library resources, and a vibrant student life.

The Department of Women's Studies at the University of Maryland is an interdisciplinary program of study of women and men in society within both historical and contemporary contexts and from multicultural and multiracial perspectives. 


Transliteration is the practice of converting a text from one writing system into another in a systematic way. In the library world is it used to transcribe non-Roman characters into Roman alphabet. You will find how to transcribe Hebrew letters into English in  Hebrew and Yiddish Transliteration Table. This link is to the scanned text of the 1997 edition of the "ALA-LC Romanization Tables: Transliteration Schemes for Non-Roman Scripts," approved by the Library of Congress and the American Library Association. These tables were developed for use when the consistent transliteration of non-Roman script (e.g. Hebrew) into the Roman alphabet is needed, for example, in order to catalog non-Roman materials.