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Romantic Music History

A selected list of basic tools for research into 19th-century music history.


Hello, Romantic period researchers! This guide includes some era-specific resources to help you on your projects, papers, and general studies. Be warned that this guide does not offer ways to search for information. This means you should also look at the Basic Music Reference Tools Guide.

This guide does include selected:

  • Bibliographies of music literature
  • Dictionaries and encyclopedias
  • Collections and thematic catalogues
  • Miscellaneous tools

It should be enough to give you a head start in some of your research, and for more specific topics you can reference the BMRT Guide listed above.

Happy hunting!

Having trouble finding sources?

Come to the Performing Arts Library and ask for help.

Ask your professor or classmates for research tips and advice.

Check out the the BMRT Guide.